Why you need a workflow! – QuickBooks Connect Toronto vs Real Life.

Well, that was fun!  

And #Innovative.  And #Educational.  And #Exhausting  And #HashTagAbusive…

It! Was! Awesome!

Here’s some FaceBooking of the why

The place was crawling with Great Accountants.

Yes! That’s Dr Roberta Bondar!

No Accounting Conference is complete with out a Hubdoc Jamie.

TSheets, officially an Intuit company.

The Intuit Big Wigs deep in QBO thought

#QBConnect Toronto has wrapped up after 4 whirlwind days.  So now I am back in the real world.  I have client books #ToGetDone, #ContentToWrite, #CloudAccountingActionables Accounting Firm sessions to facilitate.  

The best session there?









Oh dear!  This could be hard. I am fully experiencing the “post conference exhilaration and information overloads”.  I have my Acct’g Friendie’s coined #ConferenceSads in full swing.  


I have lost three full workdays – I immerse myself in conferences drinking it all in (literally at the evening events… there’s dancing too!) – attending breakout sessions in every time block, networking with as many smarter-than-me-folks as I can, harassing the AppPartners and Intuit – #SorryNotSorry – about the #NextLevel features I want, staying up way too late (you know, past 9:30pm),  #HastagAbuse posting...  And this is my third Accounting Conference in as many months (I have a conference problem, but that’s a whole other blog starting with #KellieDogSeparationAnxiety).

But, HELLO!  Uh oh!  Oh dear!  Now it’s the start of a fresh b’keeping month and the #HolidaySeason is fast upon me.  And fast on the heels of #HolidaySeason is #YearEnd Season (and no one brings EggNog to those parties).

In my not so recent past I would be overwhelmed by today, but this post-#QBConnect Thursday I am not.  Because I have I have #WorkFlowSuperPowers.  I have #WorkFlowWeapons to get me right back on track, on target, organized, focused and moving forward.

I! Have! Workflows!

I have Apps for that!

While I was away my clients were all #MondayMorningAutoNagged to keep moving in their #FinTechFabFive.  They were reminded to HubDoc (it’s a verb) their docs and check their connections, to update/review their QBO Bank feeds for missing “matches” (view only, never ever, ever – EVER! action), to Plooto their payables (so many #AppVerbs), to approve TSheets so WagePoint could process their #PuntPayroll runs.  

#AccountingTeam! So many #VirtualEyeRolls from my clients it’s akin to a thirteen year old sleepover.  See #HashTagAbuseAbove

But! It! Got! Done!

CaseInPoint – TriTownTool

I have a weekly, full cycle b’keeping customer that I love (love!), and they are flexible about when I do their work as long as key targets are completed by Thursday noon. But I got home late last night and today is Thursday… Right?!  

Did I panic?  Heck yes!  

But then I opened my #WorkFlow Apps, put my head down and ran through my tasks and to-do’s and I got their key targets “to-done”.  I “laced up my sneakers” and headed out on a #WorkflowRun.  Even in absolute sleep-deprivation mode (I may have been a bit crabby).

No prioritizing, waffling, wavering, stalling, wondering where to start, what to start with, overthinking, underthinking… I got their $#!+ done, on time, to the standard my client & I have set.  I accomplished this not because I am a star b’keeper or because I am capable of functioning solely on #CoffeeAndAdrenaline.  I got this done because the procedures, lists, best practices and methods were documented in a #Workflow and an #Engagement.  A workflow developed with my client and built out in #WorkFlowApps.  A workflow that is concise, has a hard start, checks, notes, automation and next steps and a hard finish – all built in a sequential order.  A workflow that has definitive and staged steps. A workflow that is built upon SOPs (or creates SOPs).  

A workflow that any single one of you or your team could open up – to check through and get the $#!+ done – on time, to the standard you have set.

So now, I bid you adieu.  It’s over.  Fatigue has won. I’m too tired to #NagAboutWorkFlow.  

Tomorrow though, if you want to talk workflow and how to make them – contact me.  Lets go for a #WorkFlowRun together!

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