You are already trusted. Now to become an advisor.

Bookkeeper’s and accountants are at the forefront of advising SMBs. We are already trusted.

That’s inherent to what we do. Being the gatekeeper and all knowing about their finances puts us naturally in a trusted role, so let’s take that off the table.

But the advisor role, what’s up with doing more than their books and filing taxes⁉️ What are advisory services?

Are you underestimating the value you can bring to your clients with the introduction of seemingly simple Cloud FinTech? Of helping them manage customer expectations? Accounting professionals who embrace technology can improve the lives of business owners with a few clicks of the mouse.  

My husband and I are renovating a 100 year old cabin. Well okay, we aren’t actually renovating the cabin. My Dad is renovating and I’m busy changing what I want him to do. And I’ve hired a few companies to do some of the work. Including a painting company (just because you can do something does not mean you will – or should). His references were great, his work is marvelous and his busy bees are very nice to have around. He gave me a quote and we (they) started the work.

Of course then I did that thing I do, that thing many clients do.  I increased the scope of work. We’ve all seen this before, right!?  

He did not send a new quote. And he did not ask for a deposit. Or progress invoice me. He’s here twice as long as planned (my cabin is the Hotel California of contractors) with team and suppliers to pay. Are you feeling his pain?  Cause I was. 

Mike is like most SMB owners, he’s doing what he does well – which isn’t likely to be running books! And he’s on that hamster wheel of finding customers and then making them happy, trying not bug them about money. But Mike got a mighty quick lesson on cash flow and how to manage it.  Starting with a lecture about quote/invoice deposit/re-quote/invoice.  Which his bookkeeping firm sent for my painting right away (nicely done – now that’s service).

And then I found out he only takes cheques!  Right⁉️ What the heck⁉️ You can bet he was introduced to Plooto right smartly. 

Guess what’s next for him? Yup, I’m thinking Receipt Bank

He thinks I’m a bit of a whiz. I’m letting him for now even though it’s the technology and the app visionaries & developers that are the reals brains. They make us look great if you let them. 

If you don’t think you can fill the role of advisor and elevate yourself from data entry clerk or tax planner think again. Advisory services don’t need to be complicated. And your clients can only benefit from those that know their businesses best. That’s likely you!

Stop overthinking. Start with one thing.

Pick off the seemingly small value adds you can bring to your clients and your advisory services will grow from there. 

Want some advising on advisory services?

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Kellie Parks, CPB


Change is hard.  Not changing will be harder.