November 6, 2015



Take that first step and the next one will follow. Every business has its own vision of success and we are going to help you define it. Then we are going to get you organized to achieve it.

Calmwaters Business Consulting began as a branding company years (and years) ago, so we know all about technology and the changes it can bring to businesses and industries.  We like to think of them as opportunities.

25 years ago technology upended the design and printing industry.  There were many that feared it – so much rapid change, so much to learn, so many traditional roles to re-evaluate, quality concerns, integrity issues…  And of course there were challenges and hiccups.  But there were those who embraced the new technologies as opportunities.  We pressed on and as it evolved and was refined the new ways became our industry standards.  More and more bought in and this led to greater Technology for all.


Calmwaters Business Consulting has had the good fortune to expand its scope into the spectrum of full business support at the same time that technology is upending the accounting and business intelligence industry.  APPS are re-inventing the systems and roles of how financial transactions are produced, exchanged, recorded, stored and reported.  As more & more buy in this will lead to greater APPS for all.

These are exciting times and Calmwaters is thrilled to be a part of it.

A few of our favourite workflow apps and paper reducers.

Is 17Hats going to make your business more efficient with less effort?


CRM, workflow, project & lead management.

We LOVE this app.  We use it and it has changed the way we manage our business and our clients information.  In a great way!  We are part of their affiliate program as well.

We would love to set you up in it, educate you and your staff to use it, and then watch you enjoy all it’s efficiency benefits.


Automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

This is your new filing cabinet, and it’s on steroids.  It’s going to fetch your online bills, statements & docs, or you can send them to it.  Then it’s going to file them all for you into meaningful folders, so you and your colleagues can find them – instantly.  Finally it’s going to publish them to your financial program and a secondary storage site.

We have no idea how we ever did with out this app!  And once we set you up in it, and show you how to use it to it’s fullest potential, you are not going to be able to do with out it either.

Change is hard.  Not changing will be harder.