August 13, 2018


Do not re-invent the workflow wheel!


As Accounting Professionals we communicate the same information to each of our new and existing customers and teams on a regular basis. You are most likely sending the same messages as and following the same workflows as Calmwaters is (if you even have any!) to your clients. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

And you probably have similar best practices, but there’s a good chance you haven’t effectively documented them.

Do you even have a Client Handbook for your customers?! How are you setting the expectations and laying out their role in their bookkeeping and business finances?

Calmwaters offers templates that you can quickly customize and make all your own, without the front end heavy lifting. Kellie Parks, who created these templates, comes from a branding and scripting background. She has spent almost 30 years creating communications and collateral material. Take advantage of her skill sets and use Customer HandbookCalmwaters’ templates to start your process.

The hardest part of going for a run is putting on your shoes.



Calmwaters’ Mix & Match Templates – App Agnostic!

We have a mix & match Template Package which covers Customer Handbook (as Word and PDF files), over 20 Email Templates (as Word and PDF files), 3 Contracts and 2 Engagement Documents (as Word and PDF files), 3 Workflows (as Google Forms) and 4 Customer Information Gathering Questionnaires (as Google Forms).

An “out of the box” set of templates to get you rolling in creating effectiveness and consistency for your onboarding, bookkeeping and communication processes.

Mix & Match Template Video

Mix & Match Template Descriptions

Workflow templates starting at $50.00.

The full package is $775.00 + HST but you can pick & choose just a few if you prefer.  Click Here

Email Templates as Word and PDF files.

This is a series of email templates that will be a great head start on creating consistent communications that can be sent out efficiently. “Never compose an email twice!”

Here’s a quick rundown sampling:

  • Nagging – Start of the Month and Monday Morning reminders. We can’t complete…
  • Gov’t – HST, PD7A reminder, approval and filing confirmations. Rep a Client instructions.
  • App partners – Disconnected bank connection notices. Notices accounts have been set up. Education sessions notices.
  • Collaboration and approval – Report approvals. Daily Sales, UDFs, Sales clearing reports.

This is the short list. In all there are over 20 templates that cover everyday bookkeeping and engagement communications.

$150.00 + HST  Click Here

Prospective Customer Google Form Questionnaire

Vet prospective customers for “fit and feel” as well as set the stage for pricing them accurately.

$75.00 + HST Click Here

Check out the preview here 1st!

Client Handbook as Word and PDF files.

Clients are more engaged and compliant if expectations of their responsibilities are clear, workflows are pre-set for them, expectations of how to communicate with you (and your team), Tax Agency best practices are established and they understand the basics of bulletproof bookkeeping.

Creating content yourself may seem daunting. Start with our generic Word/PDF templates and customize for your standards.

$250.00 + HST Click Here

Here is a link of the the Calmwaters’ one showing the template content.

This based on the Hubdoc/QBO/Plooto app stack.

Calmwaters Will Customize and Brand Your Client Handbook. 

Customize for $500.00.  Branding is an additional $500.00.  + HST

Click Here

Firm Best Practices Handbook.  Coming soon.

17hats Bookkeeping Communications and Workflow Templates.

This is a great starter pack to make it simple to get started in 17Hats. You will streamline your workflow and have consistent emails and questionnaires created for your standard bookkeeping clients. You can duplicate and customize easily for each niche or client.
The package includes template emails and a standard bookkeeping workflow.

$150.00 + HST Click Here

You will be asked whether you would like the Hubdoc/QBO/Plooto or a Generic app stack.

17hats Onboarding Communications and Workflow Templates. 

Onboarding is an onerous process. This workflow is designed to streamline and take the pain out of engaging your bookkeeping client.

$150.00 + HST Click Here

You will be asked whether you would like the Hubdoc/QBO/Plooto or a Generic app stack.

17hats Bookkeeping and Onboarding Templates. 

This is the dual package, including everything for standard bookkeeping and customer onboarding.

$250.00 + HST Click Here

You will be asked whether you would like the Hubdoc/QBO/Plooto or a Generic app stack.

17Hats Bookkeeping Year End/Rescue File Communications and Workflow Templates.

This is based on QBO, but you could easily adapt this to any tech stack and accounting program.

These communications and the workflow can be customized to use for either review engagements or year end. Just a quick duplication, few tweaks and you will have two built out workflows to make these processes seamless.

Make year-end work quick and consistent. Know what you are getting into – clean up/catch up files so you can price them accurately. Review end user files effectively as a stand-alone service offering.

$150.00 + HST  Click Here

Easily run through your year end steps or effectively quote rescue work. We charge for all non Calmwaters review work!  You should too…

Calmwaters Will Upload and Customize 17Hats Templates & Workflows.

$250.00 + HST Click Here

We are Canadian, based in Ontario and our AppStack is Hubdoc/receipt Bank/QBO/Plooto.  You (or we) can customize these templates for your location, tax agency and AppStack.