January 6, 2019

Kim Hussey

Kim Hussey is the founder and creative energy behind The Write View. Her passion for inspiring others to achieve their goals in meaningful ways is the forefront of her purpose-driven life personally and professionally.

Her educational background has evolved, starting out in the vital and growing field of Early Learning. After significant roles in leading teams throughout various roles in Education, she went on to complete her Master’s degree in Leadership at the University of Guelph, based on a passion for coaching and developing others. Teaching to all ages throughout her career, she has focused her instructional leadership with post-secondary students as a Professor at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario

Kim is stretching her wings and following her dream of starting her own business.  And Calmwaters is thrilled to have Kim come on as our contract content curator and administrative assistant.  She is bringing intellect, energy and intent to our client work.

All of this combined life experience and professional work enhances her ability to help others and captures powerful results through the lens of linguistic work.  Kim networks as a member of the Company of Women, and with a local editor, she is exploring writing her first book.

Kim has often claimed that she has learned the most through her dedication to raising five remarkable children. Devotion and commitment have weaved through her mothering, and allowed her the chance to walk among endless opportunities for community engagement and volunteerism.

Masters of Leadership

Early Childhood Education, 3 year Diploma

Check out her website, The Write View.