October 4, 2018


Right?!  Who the heck is running Calmwaters?

Kellie Parks

– that’s who’s running the joint.

And why does she think she’s qualified to do what she does?

Let’s start with what she does…

Kellie loves being a bookkeeper. Loves it.

She loves working with SMBs to give them real time, useful financial data to run their businesses. To make sound business decisions to help them grow and prosper in their business and in their lives.

Kellie is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada and currently sits on their Board of Directors. This organization is dedicated to the education and professionalism of our profession. As with many certification programs we are required to comply with our continuing education credits, which means we are up to date on technology, skills and compliance knowledge.

Kellie has teamed up with businesses – running their books and keeping them in the loop on their finances and how to manage them – for over 10 years now.  And for years before that she managed the books and finances on a few of her own companies.

Kellie loves consulting on cloud financial technology. Totally and completely gigs out on it.

She teams up with businesses, bookkeepers and accounting firms to embrace FinTech that creates effectiveness in their days – and lives.

Kellie welcomes opportunities to share her love of tech through webinars as well as leading sessions at events and conferences.

Kellie began working in the branding business years ago (as in over 30!), so Kellie knows about evolving technology and the changes it can bring to businesses and industries. She likes to think of them as opportunities.

25 years ago technology upended the design and printing industry. There were many that feared it – so much rapid change, so much to learn, so many traditional roles to re-evaluate, quality concerns, integrity issues…and of course there were challenges and hiccups. But Kellie embraced the new technologies as opportunities. She pressed on and Kellie Parksas it evolved and it was refined, the new ways became the industry standards. More and more bought in and this led to greater technology for all.

Calmwaters Business Consulting has had the good fortune to expand its scope into the spectrum of full business support at the same time that technology is upending the accounting and business intelligence industry. APPS are re-inventing the systems and the roles for how financial transactions are produced, exchanged, recorded, stored and reported. As more and more people and businesses buy in to these new ways of working, this will lead to greater APPS for all.

These are exciting times and Kellie is thrilled to be a part of it.

She has certified in many of these new apps and is constantly exploring and learning about new ones. Just ask her customers, they are often the guinea pigs of “new tech Kellie just has to try out”.

Kellie lives and breathes best practices, processes, systems and workflows.

This is another arena she loves to consult and collaborate about.

She runs a Facebook Group dedicated to the topic. You can find her collaborating with industry experts and app partners in The Workflow Wateringhole almost daily.

It’s a good thing she has this group to hang about in, she’s been cut off  “organization & goal setting topics” with her family and non-accounting friends. Although they give her full access to their fridges and cupboards to do what she loves.

Creating organization and effectiveness in business owners’ days is her mission.

Defining values, creating ideal customer profiles, goal setting, developing tech stacks and then tying it all together with coordinated  programs makes her giddy.  She wants every business owner – no matter the industry, but in particular the accounting profession – to enjoy their work life as much as she does.

As mentioned, Kellie was in the branding business for over 30 years. This business required tons of collaboration and communication between invested parties. Kellie’s niche was financial reporting and The Securities Commission deadlines’ had huge implications for the business she served. Deadlines not met resulted in much harsher punishment than penalties and interest. Tight workflows and systems to keep everyone on track were essential. So she has been at this organization game a long time and it has become a way of existence for her, both in business and in life.

As you can see Calmwaters is being run by a “systems nut” who believes in the technology that powers effectiveness. She is constantly researching and testing out apps and processes to increase effectiveness for everyone she meets.

She would love to talk to you about how you can create a great set of financial records, or how to make your business become cloud tech savvy. She is also keen on teaching you how to develop processes and systems to organize your business and / or your life, or to talk about speaking opportunities! If these sound like areas you could use her assistance with, reach out to her.

Contact Kellie.

Change is hard. Not changing will be harder.