Taking your own best advice.

imagesI meet a friend from University for a couple of beer a few times a year. We catch up on kids, business, spouses and then we always wind up in a discussion about ailments. We sound like our grandparents for crying out loud! We are both regular runners and over the years have battled various orthopedic challenges, he more than me since he was a CFL’r in his former life, so I get to harp away at him about way more stuff.  Any who, we took Phys Ed Science, Sports Therapy stream, so we hand out advice to each other on how to best solve the injury of the moment. He tells me to stretch, I nag him to ice & wrap…  But do we take the advice we dish out? No. Definitely not.

I rarely stretch, even though I would roll my eyes at someone who has a fussy hamstring and doesn’t stretch it out a few times a day. The hand would go up and I would end any discussion if someone wouldn’t solve a problem with a simple fix. He has yet to get out the frozen peas and ice that silly ankle, so we are done with that conversation.

It’s the same in business. I spend my days advising my clients on best practices for work flow, document management, A/R collection, payable cycles – all the stuff of organization and cash flow. How to make your business run efficiently, how to delegate everyday office tasks, to punt off compliance monsters like payroll to WagePoint and time-hogs like cheque writing to Plooto. I cajole, I nag, I follow up – some advice is acted upon while other bits I’ve been pecking away at for what feels like forever.

But do I take my own advice? Hmmm, I practice what I preach in some instances. I swear by Hubdoc for document management. There isn’t a shred of financial information I can’t access in less than a minute. My QBO is completely automated for bank feeds, app integrations, recurring transactions. All the great stuff it can do for you I’m on it.

I am the Queen of my FabFour.  Ish…  If I had a client who let their receivables slide like I do, they would be getting a lecture. Same with payables! Keep your suppliers happy, but not too happy, right? Guh, cash flow is king but am I on it?  No. Definitely not.

I’m annoyingly organized and 17hats has only made automation, client communication and project management more efficient. So I could set up some sort of recurring “calendar todo” to pop up and remind me twice a month to check in on A/R and A/P. That’s what I advise for my clients. Have a schedule, stick to it, don’t deviate, calendarize it…  It’s simple, right?  But have I done it?  No. Definitely not.

So why, oh why, can’t we just take our own best advice sometimes? It’s a puzzler. I’ll figure it out someday, right after I stretch my hamstring and calendarize my accounts receivable.



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