Why you need a workflow! – QuickBooks Connect Toronto vs Real Life.

Well, that was fun!  

And #Innovative.  And #Educational.  And #Exhausting  And #HashTagAbusive…

It! Was! Awesome!

Here’s some FaceBooking of the why

#QBConnect Toronto has wrapped up after 4 whirlwind days. So now I am back in the real world. I have client books #ToGetDone, #ContentToWrite, #CloudAccountingActionables Accounting Firm sessions to facilitate. Oh dear! This could be hard. I am fully experiencing the “post conference exhilaration and information overloads”. I have my Acct’g Friendie’s coined #ConferenceSads in full swing.  

The place was crawling with Great Accountants.

Yes! That’s Dr Roberta Bondar!

TSheets, officially an Intuit company.

The best session there?

The Intuit Big Wigs deep in QBO thought.

No Accounting Conference is complete with out a Hubdoc Jamie.

























I have lost three full workdays. When I attend a conference I fully I immerse myself, drinking it all in (literally at the evening events…there’s dancing too!). I attend breakout sessions in every time block, networking with as many smarter-than-me-folks as I can, harassing the AppPartners and Intuit  (#SorryNotSorry – about the #NextLevel features I want), staying up way too late (you know- past 9:30pm) and with #HastagAbuse posting.  This is my third Accounting conference in as many months (I have a conference problem, but that’s a whole other blog starting with #KellieDogSeparationAnxiety).

But, HELLO! Uh oh! Oh dear! Now it’s the start of a fresh bookkeeping month and the Holiday Season is fast upon me and fast on the heels of the Holiday Season is Year End Season (and no one brings Eggnog to those parties).

In my not so recent past I would be overwhelmed by today, but this post-#QBConnect Thursday I am not. Because I have I have #WorkFlowSuperPowers. I have #WorkFlowWeapons to get me right back on track, on target, organized, focused and moving forward.

I! Have! Workflows! I have Apps for that!

While I was away my clients were all #MondayMorningAutoNagged to keep moving in their #FinTechFabFive. They were reminded to HubDoc (it’s a verb) their docs and check their connections, to update/review their QBO Bank feeds for missing “matches” (view only, never ever, ever – EVER! action), to Plooto their payables (so many #AppVerbs), to approve TSheets so WagePoint could process their #PuntPayroll runs.  

#AccountingTeam! So many #VirtualEyeRolls from my clients it’s akin to a thirteen year old sleepover. See #HashTagAbuseAbove

But! It! Got! Done!

CaseInPoint – TriTownTool

I have a weekly, full cycle b’keeping customer that I love (love!), and they are flexible about when I do their work as long as key targets are completed by Thursday at noon. But I got home late last night and today is Thursday… Right?!  

Did I panic? Heck yes!  

But then I opened my #WorkFlow Apps, put my head down and ran through my tasks and to-do’s and I got their key targets “to-done”. I “laced up my sneakers” and headed out on a #WorkflowRun. Even in absolute sleep-deprivation mode (I may have been a bit crabby).

No prioritizing, waffling, wavering, stalling, wondering where to start, what to start with, overthinking, underthinking… I got their work done, on time, to the standard my client & I have set. I accomplished this not because I am a star b’keeper or because I am capable of functioning solely on coffee and adrenaline. I got this done because the procedures, lists, best practices and methods were documented in a #Workflow and an #Engagement.  A workflow developed with my client and built out in #WorkFlowApps. A workflow that is concise, has a hard start, checks, notes, automation and next steps and a hard finish – all built in a sequential order. A workflow that has definitive and staged steps. A workflow that is built upon SOPs (or creates SOPs). 

A workflow that any single one of you or your team could open up – to check through and get the work done – on time, to the standard you have set.

So now, I bid you adieu. It’s over. Fatigue has won. I’m too tired to #NagAboutWorkFlow.  

Tomorrow though, if you want to talk workflow and how to make them – contact me.  Lets go for a #WorkFlowRun together!

We sell our 17Hats workflow templates.

There are app-agnostic and Hubdoc/QBO/Plooto ones.  We have workflows available for quoting and engagement and for standard bookkeeping.  We also have PDFs/Email templates of all our templates that you can use to copy and paste into your own practice management program.  You can find out more about them by filling out this form.