Not Everyone Needs to be a Trumpeter For Change

I have a friend & colleague who is a fabulous bookkeeper. She has been my go to since my early years for bookkeeping advice. She has taught me so many great things; I would not be where I am without her. She is however “cloud averse”. And the thing is, I don’t see a problem with that.

Collective gasp!

I am a huge “cloud fan”. This is no big secret, so I imagine it comes as a surprise that I see no particular motivation for TS to embrace the CloudFinTech.

I trumpet on – and on and on and on – about cloud accounting. The SaaS, the apps, the benefits and the excitement of it all. I promote change and spend much of my business life educating, converting and implementing CloudFinTech. I migrated most of my clients to QBO and Hubdoc. I think I scare Plooto and Wagepoint with my love of them. The #FinTechFabFour are my accounting cygnets. I have loved watching them grow into these really awesome entities.

However, I don’t believe that everyone has to buy into the new way of accounting. TS has a solid client base, she has great systems, workflows and programs in place. She keeps rocking compliant books that supply useful business information to her happy clients. Win, win, win right now for the lot of them. So I get that there is no big impetus for change, and we all know change is hard.

Really hard.

The right motivation has to be in place. The reason to change has to be more uncomfortable than the change will be or more importantly the impending reason for change.

TS has no impending reason. Her practice is at pretty good place – it doesn’t need to grow dramatically, she’s not going to bring on new staff, her clients are not looking for new ways of doing things, she’s not seeking out young hip startups. She has a good work/life balance and ends the business day at a decent time to pursue hobbies and spend time with her family. If I were TS I likely wouldn’t change either.

Except maybe for the “fun factor”. This is a key point. But often there is no “fun factor” with CloudFinTech for people. I love it, it’s super exciting, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding – for me. That doesn’t mean it’s exciting for everyone.

I believe CloudFinTech is the way of the future. There’s no going back. Accounting firms and bookkeepers who want to grow, attract new clients (and keep the ones who fit the SaaS models), and streamline their business and workflows, need to get on with it. They have got to get moving to the cloud and adopt these technologies now.

Right now.

They need to take flight and migrate or they will be stuck in a season that has passed them by.  

I also believe that’s it’s not for everyone. So I push and cajole about it with the little voice in my head squawking at me that I need to keep my excitement geared to those with a reason to change, a reason to embrace CloudFinTech. That crowd is going to certainly hear all about it from me. The others I will enjoy conversations about core bookkeeping and try to keep my cloud trumpeting to a minimum.