I’m Excited About QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2019

Actually I’m excited about Conference Season 2019 overall!

But the Quickbooks Connect conferences are the ones I’m most excited about. 

I have 4 conferences coming up this fall, which is rapidly upon us. 

Starting on September 9th I will be speaking at my very first Accounting and Finance show. I’ve heard great things about the New York and LA ones, so I have some pretty high expectations for the inaugural Toronto one. 

I’m looking to convince a few attendees to skip into town on the 8th so we can relax with dinner.

Next up, September 18-20th, is the Institute of Professional Bookkeeper’s of Canada Ignite Conference. This is where I get to mix, mingle and learn with my tribe. This is a fantastic era of networking accounting professionals and I find IPBC bookkeepers are the cream of the sharing crop. I’m looking forward to some workshops I’m leading and attending some sessions of others.  This is a conference I love for how fresh and relevant the information is for bookkeepers.

Oh, and there are after parties.

Then November 5-10th I’m off to Quickbooks Connect San Jose!  This will be my third year attending and the only thing that I can say is that I’m still kicking myself for not attending them all!  Connect San Jose is the “wow” event of the year for me. 

I have been using QBO since 2012, I’m fully immersed in #CloudFinTech. I live and breathe this stuff. But I’m still bowled over with excitement when I’m at Connect SJ. 

So!  Much!  Content!  

I’ve made accounting friends from all over the world over the last few years.  Some of my relationships started on social media, but hanging out live and in person with these APIAs** at Quickbooks Connect is so much more real. Many of them will be there and I can’t wait to see them.  And listen to them. These are very smart folks and they share their information so freely it’s awe inspiring. I’m not sure there are many other professions and industries where the overriding culture is collaboration and lifting others up.

And how about connecting with the app partners?  The SaaS these people are creating to make the business lives of our clients’ and ours more effective is fantabulous.  I love seeing the ones I use and couldn’t live without. And seeing what’s coming down the pipes is terrific

I also may attend and after party or two…

Still on the fence?  Maybe this little note will help you tip over.

And to round out ‘The Season” I’ll be a happily “connecting” with many Canadian APIAs at  Quickbooks Connect Toronto, December 8-12th. There will be lots of international imports too, but I love seeing my compatriots who don’t make the trek to San Jose.   Or the accountants who don’t attend IPBC Ignite.

I love coaching accounting professionals to the happy place I enjoy – effective online accounting.  I love this stuff and I want everyone in our industry to gig out on it as much as I do.  Most of my work is virtual though, so I will be connecting in real life with many of my coaching clients.  Right?! Super fun to spend some time side by side with them.  

Connect Toronto has marvelous main stage speakers, fantastic breakout sessions and the smaller round table workshops and discussions are not to be missed.

Have I mentioned there will be dancing?

As I write this it’s only 2 months to the kick off of the Fall Conference Season.  It feels like forever, but it will be here before I know and I can not wait!

**Accounting Professionals I Admire

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