I Go Door to Door to Convert People!

I am not the greatest bookkeeper, there it’s out!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a half-assed one either. I’m pretty good but I don’t do inventory or multi currency, and I generally punt payroll off to a provider. But I have a few bookkeeping mantras I live by – “bulletproof books” and “pay every dime you owe & not a penny more”. I’m also surrounded by great bookkeepers, so if I’m not sure about something or believe someone has a better way of doing it, I’m running to them for advice. I keep good sets of books for my clients and they have survived audits with flying colours. I am also a chart of accounts nerd so my clients can make sense of reading their reports.

What I am is super organized. Relentless about it in fact. So I’m actually a great business advisor and that makes up for being a “pretty good” bookkeeper.

And I am Uber (get it) tech savy. I love technology and right now there are so many exciting accounting technology opportunities that I can hardly contain myself. This technology is going to change the way your clients run their books. It’s going to change the way you advise them on how to run their business. So I am, actually a great tech advisor and that makes up for being a “pretty good” bookkeeper.

I love human interaction. I’m not the virtual type, even though I often do remote bookkeeping (did I mention there is great technology for this?). I enjoy being at my clients’ locations and working side by side with them. I love the vibe I get from being on-site at their business location and the little things I pick up about what is really going on in their world. So I am, actually a great business coach and that makes up for being a “pretty good” bookkeeper.

So how the heck does this relate to “going door to door to convert people”?  

Kellie ParksI literally mean it, that’s how it relates! I hop in my little red wagon (it’s actually a black Altima but I love a country music reference) and go to businesses, in person, and I convert them to cloud accounting programs and the great ecosystem of apps that surrounds those programs. Then I train people to use all these great tools so they can get the most out of it.  And I do a great job of it, if I do say so myself (which I just did). Plus I LOVE DOING IT, it’s my schtick. If you put a super organized, tech savy person who loves human interaction together with being a pretty good bookkeeper it’s a swell combo for live, in-person training.

Plenty of people love virtual training. I like some online interaction. But often I really want a human being sitting beside me, holding my hand and walking me through new things. And I know lots of other people who want that too. If you have clients like that, that’s where I come in.

What I am going to do is take away the pain points and hesitation of moving to the cloud. I will convert a QB Desktop file or set up with a conversion company for other programs. I will organize browsers for a great user experience. I will recommend apps that will suit a client’s individual needs. I will get them up and running on these great apps and integrate them with QBO for a seamless experience.

And I am going to do all the training at their location. images-1

There are great virtual trainers out there. I admire them, but it’s not my thing. If you need remote training there is no shortage of accounting firms doing it. If you need certification or crowd training there are lots of events for that. There are plenty of thought leaders as well, luckily as I can barely manage my own thoughts. And there are tried, tested and approved apps, so I’m not going to re-invent that wheel.

I’m also not going to sing all the songs of why you need to get your clients on the cloud, the accounting & app companies have lots of great reads on why to get on the cloud. I am going to piggy back on all the work that all these great companies and individuals are doing. I will be adding their information to my website shortly so you have a single go-to location to access the various up-to-date cloud tech info.

So give me a call, or drop me an email.  I’ll come to your office to show you how I can move your clients to the cloud, and then I’ll go to your clients and do it for you.

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