Don’t sully your browser!

I am a browser nerd.

And it’s Chrome I love, with Firefox as back up.


I have Chrome Identities set up for every aspect of my computer life and never, ever sully them. They only get used for that which they were created for. They all have names and cute photos, separate themes and are set up so that what ever I am using that particular Identity for it’s a seamless experience. They have everything I need bookmarked, they are password protected, they have the 1password extension and then whatever other extensions suit their Identity purpose. Some have gmail accounts identified with them too.  

I have an accounting one for my clients and one for accounting firms I do do work for, I have a business one for my own businesses, I have one for my web building sideline, I have a personal one…  I never cross-pollinate them. I’m a bit of a compartmentalized personality and this rolls over to my computer use. Clearly…

I’m also a relentless organizer, so the browser hard-ass thing falls in line with that.

It works for me. And it works for my clients. And it really works for my accountants’ clients. It’s the first thing I do for anyone when I migrate them cloud programs. I set up them up on Chrome (if they aren’t already using it), then I create their accounting Identity and I bookmark everything they will need to create a seamless, efficient work flow. All they have to do is click on a new tab and hit the bookmark of the task they want to accomplish. No irritating “re-directs”, no three steps to create an invoice or such, no losing the page you were working in. It’s a very similar experience to using old desktop programs where you could have multiple windows open and move back and forth between tasks, which I loved.

And then while working in an Identity you can open a new tabbed bookmark and drag/slide it so that you have the side by side experience similar to a second screen. That also is great because clients often don’t have two screens but they may want to see SaaS like Hubdoc and QBO at the same time.

Did I mention I’m a browser nerd?


The irony of all my browser nerdiness is that when I am done work I don’t partake in any screen time. I’m an outdoor gal, and a foodie as well as a hard-cover book reader. My personal browser Identity (who’s photo is a wine glass) is for my banking, occasional daytime business Facebook distractions (or to creep my kids and harass my girlfriends) and LinkedIn, but when I’m done work I almost never go back to my sleeping computer, well almost never. I think that’s part of a compartmentalized personality, which is great since I have a home office and I think we know how that can go for separating work & life.