So you think you don’t like cloud technology?

Well then just try living without it once you have started to implement it. In life and in business.

I’m pretty far along on my cloud bookkeeping journey. I have fully embraced it and I am in fact living my “Cloud Bookkeeper’s Dream Life”.

But that’s not to say it’s not without its challenging times. I know that many hesitate to adopt Cloud Financial Technology because among other reasons they fear the failures of it. I understand the hesitation. There are certainly enough people who express outrage the minute something goes awry. So the fear, in this case, is “what if something goes wrong”.

Well, how about if things go right? More often than wrong. What if the wins far outweigh the woes?  I could start down the road of all the benefits of Cloud FinTech but instead, I’m going to take us into a real-world comparison scenario. Yup, there’s a life outside of our bookkeeping and accounting world!

I’m a cloud technology fan at home.

cloud technologyI have smart homed our cabin and it’s kickin’. Until the hydro bombs. Then everything fails. Or the internet sputters. Then my smart home gets kinda stupid.

I have a Sonos system. I have automagical lighting, hvac and security. I am the boss of Alexa and she does my smart home bidding for anything not on a schedule. I liken my home tech to QBO early adoption.

My husband was not in favour of this whole smart home thing. So I did what every good wife would do, I decked it out when he was away one weekend. Okay, maybe that’s not what every smart wife does… At any rate, he was less than thrilled. He didn’t speak to Alexa. They had no relationship at all. He’s the master of our music, but he backwards controlled it through Spotify, not Sonos. In the beginning, there was no way he was going to turn on lights through an app.

But eventually, he adopted the smart home way and kind of grew to like (not love) the magic of controlling so much from a handheld device.

I’m going to take y’all back 20 years. I “low tech’d out” our place using a thermostat schedule and had our lighting & music on clickers. You walked in the house and all the lights and the stereo were on meticulously marked up clickers in a command central bucket. Or they were on those little wall socket timers. And then we went to a Bluetooth speaker system. This era I liken to QuickBooks Desktop. It was magic in its effectiveness for the time.

Jeff wasn’t crazy about this era either. But over time he came to like clicking a bunch of controllers and lighting up the dark house from a single spot.

So I’ve been on a tech path at home for a while now. The seesaw of implementing, growing and coming to love it.

But as I said, it all goes to naught if the power is out. So I have back up plans. We have a generator. We can power back up and get almost everything running.

But if the internet is out we have no smart home funness.

cloud technologyWe have great cell service to hotspot our data.  We can stream music sources and programs on our computers. We have a marvelous Bluetooth Bose speaker, so music is covered but just for one room. And I can run QBO and the apps if the internet is out.

But Sonos is based on the home wifi system so it’s not putting out. The lights and the furnace are also linked to the wifi. So you know what we had to do last week when our hydro went out?

We had to walk around the house and turn the lights on one by one, by hand, turning little knobbies.  We had to walk over to the thermostat and lower the heat, by hand.

By hand!


We went back to a paper ledger system if you will.

I’ll tell you one thing, my husband sure appreciates the smart home now. He fought me all the way and now he’s Mr. Smart Home.

Well, sort of.  He still doesn’t speak to Alexa…

So yes, some days cloud technology fails. But the wins column chalks up the tallies way more than the woes. The positive effects that it has on our lives far, far outweighs the challenges it comes with.

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Kellie Parks, CPB


Change is hard.  Not changing will be harder.