Doing what you love – for a living.

I run for no particular reason. Of course it’s to stay in shape but mostly its for the time alone, enjoying nature and the rhythm of my feet. Same with skiing. I ski at a very high level club, but I “run inside the balls” ‘cause I simply love to ski, but I don’t want to wrack up my ankles on those rock hard little buggers. My ski mates harass me as they are all after their personal bests or their national/world rankings, but it’s no matter to me. I love just being on the water.

imagesI blog and engage on social media for the same reasons. Not to gain followers or really to market my business (although I do that for other businesses – oh the irony). I just straight up enjoy writing and engaging with what others are writing.

Business can be the same, you can do what you do for the sheer joy. But of course that’s easier said than done. You have to make a living, or at least I’m assuming you do. It takes time to get to where you can make that living while doing something you love, that “thing”. That’s a whole other topic that includes getting your finances in order as well as figuring out what your “thing” is.

I believe the big starting point with the “thing” for people, and businesses, is defining what the vision of success is. Whether it’s community recognition, gobs and gobs of net worth or net income, happy well paid employees, satisfying relationship experiences… figure it out and then strive to make it happen.

I am lucky. I am at the happy point in life where I have defined my vision of success, both in my corporate life and personally. It is not to make gobs & gobs of money. I don’t, just ask my baffled accountant. I have managed to line my personal finances up and streamline my expenses so that I have the good fortune to make a living at doing what I love, helping others achieve their defined success, while having lots of spare time for my family, friends, hobbies, travel and volunteer activities. My husband and I created a 5-year plan so we could both do what we love and live within our means. This included some paring down, some financial re-organizing & sacrifice, and measurable steps for our business models.

We are pretty much right where we want to be now, which is lovely and I wish it upon others. So now here I am, loving what I do for a living, which ironically is helping my clients’ love what they do for a living.