Being disciplined is not the same as having self control!

Calmwaters BookkeepingI run at least 5 days a week. I am very disciplined about my morning runs. Nothing gets in the way – not when I feel horrible, not the weather, not a to do list and not being on vacation. I get up and I get on with it. I should mention that I love to run, if I had to get up and swim every day I’m not sure how my resolve would pan out…except that I am the same with work. And I don’t always love to work, mostly, but not always.

So this is where the difference between discipline and self control comes into play.

I love to eat. And drink. I am a complete foodie. Every morning while I’m having coffee (which I also love, with cream & sugar no less) with my husband we decide what is for dinner that night. And whatever we decide on, we make a scene about cooking, while we have beer or wine. Pretty much every night. We don’t drink alot, maybe a glass or two. And I say to myself at least once a week that I’m going to cut down to 3 nights a week, you know – next week. But I don’t, it’s more like 5 nights a week and it’s not a craving or a problem, or has ill effects on my health, work or life.  I would just like to lose those last few pounds, and cuttng down on the wine should be an easy way to do that. Or cutting out red meat. That should be a no brainer too, especially since I love animals and the thought of eating meat is counter intuitive to my love of animals. And man oh man do I love chippies! So there you have it. I have zero self control when it comes to food and drink.

I have great discipline, but not so much self control.

I have friends who are the opposite. One of them is a vegan. Now that takes self control. Serious self control, she loves chicken wings! But she has no discipline. She says she is going to get on with things, and then just doesn’t.

So discipline is doing what you know you should.  

Self control is not doing what you know you shouldn’t.

Wouldn’t it be great to have both traits. I am guessing this is what makes some people the big success stories.

At least being disciplined is a trait of the task oriented crowd. In my business life this is how I can help my clients. Being task oriented, or disciplined, is the key to getting stuff done, and the key to getting stuff done is staying organized. And the key to getting organized is to start, which takes discipline. It’s a circle that starts and ends with discipline. And this is what I keep reminding my clients about. Luckily I have found the thing that I am naturally suited to do well, that I love to do, that I can make a living at. So I’ll be happy being disciplined and continue to work on my self-control.

Wish me luck.