12 Reasons to Attend Connect San Jose.

Why you need a workflow! – QuickBooks Connect Toronto vs Real Life.

Well, that was fun!   And #Innovative.  And #Educational.  And #Exhausting  And #HashTagAbusive… It! Was! Awesome! Here’s some FaceBooking of the why #QBConnect Toronto has wrapped up after 4 whirlwind days. So now I am back in the real world. I have client books #ToGetDone, #ContentToWrite, #CloudAccountingActionables Accounting Firm sessions to facilitate. Oh dear! This could[…]

I love being a bookkeeper.

It’s a rewarding and fulfilling career.  And it’s not just because of the rapidly evolving financial technology or my terrific clients.  I actually just straight up love doing books.  I will admit I manage my love of it a tad.  There are aspects of bookkeeping that I don’t do – heavy inventory, multi currency or[…]

SaaS app relationships are like people relationships.

We’ve all crossed paths with some great people.  Of course you don’t have time to get to know them all, or you don’t need them all, or more importantly that “thing” wasn’t there.  You know what the “thing” is – mostly it’s intangible – just knowing early on that the relationship is going somewhere. SaaS[…]

Chrome Identities, Themes & Customization – For Accounting Cloud FinTech

The cloud accounting software – FinTech SaaS* – that many accounting professionals are embracing, learning about – or scared of – is internet based. That means that the users’ experience is largely dictated by their browser set up and usage habits. In this article you will be introduced to optimizing your Chrome browser. And then we will[…]