Quickbooks Desktop and Job Costing

Quickbooks The best thing since sliced bread? Maybe an overstatement, but not yesterday for my client.

I could go on – and on – about job costing in Quickbooks Desktop (QBD), but I’ll give the quick (get it) version right here.

I job cost for a client who has a machining shop, and invoices clients when we have pulled together all the time and material costs for each job. QBD does an awesome job of this, and those of us who use it know and love this feature of QBD.

The difference in this story, which literally wowed my client, is that we used it to send in the paperwork for his annual research grant application. In less than 5 minutes! In years past, we’ll call those the “before Kellie and Quickbooks (BK&QB) years” this task would have taken hours and hours of manual work. And it would have been put off till the application was due. We are way out ahead of the due date and they will have their funds in the bank long before they would have in previous years.

My client was over the moon, with QuickBooks and Kellie.images-1
I was over the moon, with QuickBooks.
Intuit made me shine as a trusted advisor. Again…