April 23, 2019

A Bit About Calmwaters’ Services and Fees

Calmwaters’ Technology.

We proudly use Quickbooks Online (QBO) and require our clients to use a program called Receipt Bank for document upload and publishing to QBO.  If you write cheques or use eTransfers to pay your bills, subcontractors and employees we will need you to use a payment processing program (you can request to be paid in it as well!) called Plooto moving forward.  As well if you have payroll we use QBO Advanced Payroll for processing.

Calmwaters’ core values.

  • Love of Cloud Technology to create efficiency and collaboration.
  • Pride on providing real time, accurate, compliant financial information to provide meaningful insight for you to run a successful business.
  • Collaborative, respectful long term relationships with our clients.
  • Appreciate engaged clients who are involved in the process. Who will not only read the information we provide, but will make every attempt to put our advice into action.
  • Follow detailed processes and systems which result in workflows that are accountable and transparent to all team members (you will be part of a team now!).

This is How We Do It Here.

We are a collaborating team, Calmwaters and our clients. You have a role in getting us the information we need – in a timely manner. And we believe in bulletproof books – no trying to pull any hanky panky on the CRA.

Here is a link to our handbook

It details how we collaborate with our clients and the expectations we have for each other. (Hubdoc has been recently replaced with Receipt Bank)

Here’s a few presentations that give you some insights as to why we do things the way we do at Calmwaters.

They are presentations aimed at Accounting Professionals, but there is value to you as a business owner as well.


Our base pricing for bookkeeping is $250.00 month for our services, publishing your expenses and bills from Receipt Bank to QBO (up to 100 items), matching them in your connected bank accounts in QBO (1 bank & 1 credit card), reconciling the 2 accounts and letting you know when your reports are ready to be reviewed together in a half hour screen share meeting.  

We back up all QBO files continually on Canadian servers using Rewind.io as part of our service offering.

Additional fees

$250.00 flat fee initial set up and education QBO/ & Receipt Bank. Already using QBO? $150.00 flat fee to review your books (prior to final quote) and $100 initial set up and education Receipt Bank & Plooto.
QBO Essentials – $25/month – you can pay this yourself or subscribe through us.
$25.00/month for Receipt bank (unlimited transactions) – charged through Calmwaters.
QBO Advanced Payroll $20 + $2/employee/Per Pay Run – through your bank account.

CLICK HERE and take a minute to review our service offerings. We are a great fit for restaurants, creative businesses and professional services companies.

We are a great fit for restaurants, creative businesses and professional services companies.

If we haven’t scared you off yet, if this seems like an offering that jives with your values and expectations for a bookkeeping partner please fill out our contact form and let’s see how we can work together. 

Would you like to speak to us first?  Here’s a link to our scheduler.

We’d love to engage with you in a 15 minute discover Zoom or phone chat.