12 Reasons to Attend Connect San Jose

12 Reasons to Attend Connect San Jose.I have been to a few Connect Conferences in Toronto, but last November I took the plunge and ventured southwest for Connect San Jose. And I am so glad I did.

It! Was! Terrific!

What was so great about this experience? Oh man, where to begin? I’m going to break it down into my top 12 reasons why you should attend Connect San Jose

  1. Applications. So many app partners. They are all there. There is a solution for every pain point you can imagine. QuickBooks Online is not a standalone product. It is part of an app ecosystem that creates the flexibility to build your ideal accounting system. Add in what you need with no worry of having too many features you don’t need. Why be under served or overwhelmed?
  2. Challenging yourself. You will be overwhelmed! But you will want to break out of your comfort zone. And that is where your growth comes from.
  3. Education. The breakout sessions are packed with information to take you to new levels, on a personal as well as professional level. The industry leaders will take the time to walk you through what’s new, demo exciting features and put you in the know of what the trends are.
  4. Excitement. About bookkeeping and accounting. Yes, you read that right! This event will stir excitement in you about our industry, which is often considered somewhat stodgy. You will come away from the experience proud to say you are an accounting professional.
  5. Fun. You are away, with like-minded individuals. In San Jose. Getting fed, dancing and sleeping in a comfy hotel bed. No lunches to pack or house to clean! What’s not fun about that?
  6. Industry experts. These are the cream of the crop of our industry experts. And they are sharing, caring smarty-smarts. Quickbooks Connect
  7. Inspiration. From the keynote speakers to the people on the street, you will be inspired by both the people and the topics. You will return to your life and your business with a renewed sense of energy.
  8. Networking. You will be spending condensed time with your peers and industry experts. Ask questions and share your stories, both good and bad. You will be amazed by the relationships you will build and continue to nurture once home. There’s no downside to a having a solid network in your industry, and face to face contact can only amplify these relationships.
  9. Partnerships and collaboration. While you may have a number of great skill sets, you may be lacking others that may benefit your business or your customers. Forming partnerships and collaborating with your peers will fill the gaps and aid you in building out a well-rounded offering.
  10. Team building. Take a few co-workers. There’s nothing like spending a few action-packed days together, offsite, to foster a team atmosphere.
  11. Technology and trends. You will be ahead of the curve, an early adopter if you will.  Not scrambling to catch up or feeling in the dark of what’s coming down the pipe and why it matters.
  12. After parties. That is all I will say on this topic…

QuickBooks Connect

We are 4 months away from Connect San Jose 2018. I am so excited to be attending again this year. I wouldn’t miss it for the world and neither should you!

Work for yourself.  Grow with others.
QuickBooks Connect 2018, November 5–7
San Jose, CA



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