Get on with it. Get organized.

Take that first step and the next one will follow. Every business has its own vision of success and we are going to help you define it. Then we are going to get you organized to achieve it.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to the difference.”

— Reinhold Niebuhr
Business Consulting

Calmwaters loves to get to know all types of businesses and help them find ways to get organized and gain business intelligence. We are in fact relentless organizers. We don’t just come in and get your books organized, we will find efficiencies that will help your business succeed.

Accounting Services

This stuff may seem pretty dry but this is what makes your business tick, and how well transactions are recorded, followed up on and reconciled are the tally for the health of your operation.

Technology Education

You should make friends with technology. Technology is fun. It will make your business more efficient. It will make your business more profitable. It will free up your time to do the parts of your job that you enjoy. Calmwaters can help you make friends with technology because we are already friends with it. Great friends! We love it…it loves us. Let us introduce you two and watch your relationship blossom.

Work flow

Calmwaters loves to organize. We are in fact relentless organizers. We can organize your work flow into manageable, efficient processes that will make your company more productive.

Your success is the measure of Our success.


    Calmwaters strives to uphold the highest of professional standards. Your bookkeeping will be conducted only by Certified Professional Bookkeepers. We are fully E&O insured through The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. And we have Continuation of Service procedures and contingency plans in place that are reviewed twice a year with our collaborating partner and renewed annually with our customers.

  • Our Mission Statement

    Calmwaters is going to work with businesses to define their vision of success and then get them organized to achieve it. Financial organization is our first customer undertaking, but certainly not the last.

  • Our Core Belief

    The biggest step to success is knowing what your vision of it is, and then the best way to achieve that success is to clear the distractions out of the way. Organization is the key to clearing the distractions. And getting on with it is the key to organization.

  • Our Mantra

    Get on with it. Get organized. Take that first step and the next one will follow.

Calmwaters would love to hear from you.


Calmwaters relies on our partner relations. They make us shine. So we can make you shine.
Intuitive Accounting Programs
We love these programs. Robust, feature filled but intuitive to use. They have great pricing, great support and great training. This is our go-to program for accounting. Calmwaters loves to educate clients on Quickbooks. We will come in to set you up and show you how great these programs are to use. We can migrate you from your current program. And we would love to stay on to maintain your books. Or we will get out of the way once you are confident enough to carry on without us.
All Your Docs, In One Place.
You have to get this app! Seriously, get it! Calmwaters would love to show you how to use this and you will thank us. All financial docs in one place, fetched by this app. Not by you! With Hubdoc, all your financial documents will be automatically imported and then magically distilled & exported into data you can use.
WagePoint Payroll
WagePoint Payroll
Take the pain out of payroll!
And it is a pain! Compliance, filings, T4s, ROEs – seriously? Punt this off to Wagepoint. Wagepoint is your all-in-one payroll solution filled with all the features you need, and none of the stuff you don’t.
The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
Keeping Us Well Educated
The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) was created by bookkeepers to help other bookkeepers. IPBC provides the environment, knowledge, and resources its members need to develop excellence in bookkeeping, through certification, education, networking, advocacy, information and research. Our focus is to create member value and benefits that in turn contribute to creating a stronger trust relationship with Canadian business.



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