Is 17Hats going to make your business more efficient with less effort?

Here’s the basics of 17Hats so you have a bit of a preamble on how it is going to work.

The short strokes of 17Hats are that this is a great program for lead vetting & follow up as well as calendar, project and workflow management. If you have recurring workflows, that have many steps and client communications, that you need to track and tick off this is a great fit!
Currently the other side features provide terrific benefits if they fit right into your needs, but no one of them is robust enough to be standalone.
One thing to consider though, is the high rate of 17Hat’s product growth and the number of feature improvements that are on their road map. This will be a terrific program, especially if you are a start-up, solo or small business and it will scale well will you.

Contacts are cold leads, hot leads, customers and other. They are the starting point in 17Hats. You need to have a contact and then you must create a project to do anything with the contact.
Lifecycles in ​17Hats are an “at a glance” progress bar to track where you are in your projects. It is a very visible, high level overview of the project and/or worklows. Projects consist of workflows within “folders” aka projects. Workflows consist of tasks and actions to be completed. Lifecycles are to track completion of worklows and/or projects and display the next stage of a workflow or project.
Projects are a “folder” to organize all the workflows, documents, communications, time tracking, phone logs and such that relate to a contact. You can use one project for all of the above for a client. Or you can use many projects for each client. You will for the most part need to have workflows set up and add them to a project to accomplish more than basic, single action communication, notes, todos’ and such.
Workflows are a series of to-do’s, tasks, contracts, questionnaires, quotes, emails and such, that will recur. Your workflows are completely customizable. They are put together using a series of your templates that can be created ahead of time or on “the fly”. You can have many workflows using any combination of your templates. Or just a few workflows using the majority of your templates.
Templates are created ahead of time or can be created and edited on “the fly” or as you need them while you are working. 17Hats has robust template creation which has features for “tokens” to make them individualized automatically and “forms” to get project information and client responses filled in or fillable. Clients can complete and “sign” docs as well. Templates are available for emails (including setting up a number of interchangeable signatures and adding attachments & links). You can also create questionnaires, contracts, items, quotes and invoices.

If you are interested in 17Hats and all it can do for you you can either get back to us and we will help you rock this program right from the start.  Or you can test drive it yourself, using this referral code to get a 10% discount.

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